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Intentions EP Out Today.

  1. Cursive
  2. Gutta
  3. Intentions
  4. Silver Surfer
  5. I Miss The Hiss

Artwork by Joyce Su

Earmilk review: "Cursive" is replete with the signature warmly growling DJG subbass and a headspinning vocal loop. "Gutta" follows, shuffling along on an acidic lead and ominous string flares. That joyous Symbols flavor is summoned on "Intentions," a nothing-but-fun house jam. The uptempo neverending slow build of "Silver Surfer" is noted, building tension before the finale like the so many camera shutters sampled. The silky sweet release comes with "I Miss The Hiss," a beautifully mellow number with acoustic, almost lo-fi tendencies. Do cop."



FREE DOWNLOAD: Download ‘Gutta’ for free exclusively on XLR8R

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    excellent night when he played at 6119
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