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Download ‘Gutta free’ / Earmilk review

Download a free track from my Symbols EP today on XLR8R:

Dean Grenier, who you may remember from our Bubblin’ Up feature in July, just sent over a cut from his forthcoming Intentions EP, giving us a taste of its bass-centric productions before the whole set drops on November 13 via Kastle’s Symbols label. On “Gutta,” the Bay Area producer and Frite Nite affiliate (who recently changed his moniker from DJG to simply Grenier) layers complex patterns of percussion over a solid dancefloor beat and a contorting, acid-inspired bassline; hauntingly dissonant synth textures wrap the whole thing in a heavy and anxious mood.

Here’s a review of the EP from the folks at Earmilk:

Gotta give it up for Symbols Recordings. In less than six months they’ve got twelve releases lined up, yet the quality is still uncompromised. However label owner Kastle does it, he’s done it again with a new release from Grenier, akaDJG, a veteran figure of original, good dubstep. Unsurprisingly, the focus is on the mood and the bass; Grenier/Symbols nail it and prove that the bay area is still bustling with talent. “Cursive” is replete with the signature warmly growling DJG subbass and a headspinning vocal loop. “Gutta” follows, shuffling along on an acidic lead and ominous string flares. That joyous Symbols flavor is summoned on “Intentions,” a nothing-but-fun house jam. The uptempo neverending slow build of “Silver Surfer” is noted, building tension before the finale like the so many camera shutters sampled. The silky sweet release comes with “I Miss The Hiss,” a beautifully mellow number with acoustic, almost lo-fi tendencies. Do cop.